Buy Gorgeous Vintage Furniture that MAKES you Money

Thinking about heading to Ikea to give a fresh new look to your home?

Don’t do it. Don’t throw your money away.

Because no matter how cheap that flat-pack table is, if you’re not buying furniture that grows in value over time, you’re not making a good investment.

Forget buying mass-produced stock pieces from retailers, and instead invest in choice pieces of antique and vintage furniture and homewares that GROW in value over the years, rather than something that you pay a little less for at the checkout, but which depreciates like a stone the second you get it delivered.

The Second-Hand Money Pit

When you’re deciding whether to busy that piece of mass produced furniture from Freedom, be aware that if you want to sell it a couple of years later on a second hand site like Gumtree, you’ll generally have to knock at least 50% off the item’s original price.


Of course, that’s assuming you haven’t damaged it while you’ve used it, and it’s presented for sale in near-pristine condition. Considering the poor quality of workmanship and materials you are generally paying for in the mass produced furniture game, that is highly unlikely (especially in our house, which is full of kids, pets, and frequent indoor ball games).

And with so many people shopping at the same few furniture stores these days, when you go to sell it you’ll often find a bunch of identical items already listed, thereby pushing your resale value down even further.

That $3000 sideboard with a tiny scratch just became a $1000 sideboard, and you only had it 18 months.

For cheaper items, it’s even worse: chances are that it will just end up as landfill as it won’t be worth your time and energy to sell. That’s your money (and the world’s resources) literally rotting away in the ground.

A piece of vintage or antique furniture not only holds its value, but grows over time as the patina, history—and yes, even accidental bumps and scrapes—make the item more valuable, not less.

If you want to sell your vintage piece in 2 years’ time, you can easily ask the same price as you paid for it; sell it in 10 or 20 years, and you can often expect a tidy return on your investment.

That’s clever shopping.

Mass-Produced Furniture Has No Heart

Kmart can’t give you a century-old table from a French farm kitchen, IKEA can’t offer vintage industrial lamps out of a mid-century factory, and the folk at Fantastic Furniture sure as hell can’t give you a butcher’s block from an English village, worn and even more beautiful for every knife score. Rough Luxury Noosa can, with a curated collection of vintage and industrial furniture for sale.

Even high end retailers can’t sell you furniture that has a heart, or that will grow in value over time. After all, most major furniture manufacturers are selling you a combination of clever marketing, cheap third world labour, and flat-pack convenience (if flat-pack assembly could ever be called convenient).

The quality of mass-produced can rarely match that of vintage furniture, which was hand-built to last by traditional craftsmen, while the same piece of stock furniture you love is also destined to be found in thousands of lounge rooms across the country.

The piece you have your eye on may look special, but it’s not really, not in any meaningful way. A few weeks will pass, and you’ll probably never think about your furniture purchase again— let alone talk about its amazing history to your friends.

In most cases, you even have to put it together yourself. Yuck.

Buy Vintage and Antique Furniture that tells a Story of distant Places and bygone eras.

The best furniture is built to last a lifetime .  Gilded antique mirrors that survived through the wars of Europe, blanket boxes used for an English bride’s dowry, and vintage desks marked by the pencil of a French schoolchild during the Napoleonic Wars. How cool is that! What conversation pieces to have in your living room.

And now, through an extraordinary twist of fate, these select pieces of historic furniture have made their way on a ship from Europe to Australia, a country that had only just been colonised when a lot of our older antique pieces were crafted. When you buy vintage or antique, you will NEVER walk into a friend’s house and see they have the same coffee table as you.

(In fact, nobody in Australia will have the same coffee table as you.)

At Rough Luxury Noosa, we even have a solid metal cheetah for sale that once adorned the gates of a London racecourse in the 1930’s, when cheetahs were imported to replace greyhound racing in an effort to draw lagging crowds. The venture turned out to be a massive flop as cheetahs are pragmatic hunters: as soon as they’d notice that one cheetah was streaking ahead to get the rabbit, the rest would all lie down for a rest. Because, well, why bother?

Which of course makes the story just that much better. This antique cheetah sculpture is an absolute beauty, and would look incredible in a living room, an entryway, or a business or hotel lobby. For a friend or family member who loves cats (big or small), this is a spectacular gift.

Vintage Furniture Makes a House Unique (and Saves the Planet)

Vintage furniture is for those who love history and design, for those who have romance in their souls. And, let’s face it, those who want something totally awesome in their living room.

Our items are conversation pieces to add to your home, that you don’t need to tell the kids not to touch, or treat like a museum piece never to be used. Our rustic vintage and antique furniture is to be loved and talked about and above all, used – the history of the piece is added to, as it takes on the story of your house, and your family.

Because your house isn’t a museum, it’s a home.

But with the right touch of vintage industrial furniture, matched with a splash or two of luxury, your house will look like a photoshoot.

That’s what we do at Rough Luxury Noosa. We find beautiful old things that tell a story, that elevate a living space from the everyday…to the extraordinary.

And it’s better for the planet! You’re not only giving a quality piece of furniture a new life, but because it holds and adds to its resale value, vintage furniture doesn’t just go to landfill when you’re done with it.

So this year, buy vintage, earn a return, own a piece of history, and save the world. Not bad for a bit of furniture shopping.

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